Absinthe Minded Thought- Christian Alvarez

Posted: October 27, 2010 in Christian Alvarez, Poetry
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write now

right now

im desperate

desperate for the truth i turn away from and yet drown in

this week ive seen fire and ive seen rain.

ive helped my naked mom get her clothes on and brought her down from the most unspeakable fears.

im not good at this.

i tend to fuck things up. that im great at.

ask anyone who knows me im dr jack ((daniels)) and mister hyde with a messiah heart basically unafraid and yet shocked constantly by the easy ins and outs of …well…u.

possibly driven to drink ha! ive tossed thrown and given all in an evening..

a lifetime thrown away and never to be seen again yet

so easily devestated.. bent never broken..

im my naked mom wishing not to be a burden to her son.. im the same look in her eyes that she protected and provided for all her life and some of others.. for some of you this isnt even your business and i could care less you probably dont either.

2 others a shared struggle rings out and more importantly inside shutters and maybe bumps a goose or 2..

all i need is some sleep sometimes.. or to see a good skate video where the new punks crucify from rooftops slathered in smoke and booze

at times the stage so to speak is a release for my pent.. 2 spew and strike..finesse and converse.. to see that look in unknown thirsty eyes… to take sticks or a mic.

when i write if all goes up.. i wonder just how it worked so well.. when it will all come down?

im not into this acceptance of thought bullshit.. i dont care if you like it i dont care if you have a fake zine a website or a book… the words you write make my day or at least yours so.. they become the mouse the high chased thru each and every..

this week has ruined speech

this week has worn me like a ragged coat

tonight the bus was a bullet trip

i am scabbed… i read your words and they seem comfortable.. im not jealous comfort is stupid.

if god forbid you find yourself in a situation of judgement as if a judge u seem.. kill yourself.. put down your middle finger and raise your gaze from pa-theh-teec..judge yourself.. after all isnt that what u seem to REALLY do all along..

  1. Kasey says:

    …. First time I’ve read this …. Opens doors from u to me

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