RIP- Christian Alvarez

Posted: October 29, 2010 in Christian Alvarez, Poetry
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a whole has been arrowed into mother earth and her ocean heart is bleeding black like a
backwards junky..
a sucking needle a tar and blood.
no high
no rush
no flow no float no nod no dream not tonight,
this realm this stolen riff these hours spent unspelled
these shaken
these shookn
while taken
all the while
and all the while the earthquakes
shifting broken plates like
this aching tooth
this demented
this misfortune
this demented the sad the known the terminal
the mirrored flaw
the barelled bullett the driven insane the opened eyed the reciever of this news
this news cast spell this smell this collision
this castled conversation this free free styled no beat box un cared un awared this typed mistake this so there for real sung prayed typed seen thought wished…starshot barrelled puncutred unaware all along and therefore missed not lost but why..drilled
these house lights are brighter tonight
the seen driven dropped repeated
shot down shot up the lost
the missed out momentary
even the maybe
this bus ride is longer than and not headin anywhere close to….home

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