So far we’ve spotlighted writers & artists. Last night someone brought to my attention that people also like to watch, and listen to stuff. So today, Sick Of ‘Em brings you the work of Slimmy Jimmy.

Slimmy Jimmy is a music producer, videographer, DJ, and graphic designer, as well as bit of an asshole. But hey, we’re all assholes over here at Sick Of ‘em.  Slim’s going to be the guy handling the layout of Sick Of ‘Em, when we go to print in the late spring early summer of 2011. He’s traveled most of the country east of the Mississippi, but now has settled in Brooklyn. After a year long hiatus from any productive behavior, he’s back on the grind and has his fingers in more projects than I can even list right now. Here are a few videos, he’s either directed, shot, edited, did the music production on, or all of the above. We also have 35 tracks he produced with a variety of Emcees on them– right here, in a player. To see more of his video production work check out his youtube channel here

Relapse-Written-directed-edited by Slimmy Jimmy

Rainy Day by Tyreless Won- directed and music production by Slimmy Jimmy

Summer In the City Supadav Haze- Music production & video design by Slimmy Jimmy

SA Smash performance -shot and edited by Slimmy Jimmy

Groove Shack UNOFFICIAL trailer – Slim Jimmy shot the film and did the editing for this unofficial trailer as well as built the Groove Shack films site.

Who Dat? Bootleggers- Directed-shot-edited-and music production by Slimmy Jimmy

Slimmy Jimmy formerly known as DJ Self-  set@ the 2006 DMC regional finals

Check out his music below Slimmy Jimmy aka DJ Self


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