Mike Rich-Portland, Maine-HBTK

Posted: October 30, 2010 in Art
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It’s Saturday and who really feels like reading a story today? Let’s rephrase that, nobody felt like writing a story today. Instead we’re going to bring you the art of Mike Rich.

Mike Rich is a lifelong resident of Maine. He’s an all around clown, who claims to be hung like a donkey. Rich doesn’t take much serious besides Art and being a father. He first caught the graffiti bug back in 1985, and has been getting steady ups ever since. He loves fishing, lurking, drinking, smoking, loitering and painting moonlit metal. Besides being a very active graffiti artist, Rich works as a carpenter, and professional globetrotting muralist, he’s been commissioned to do murals internationally on a few occasions. He’ll paint anything you want, anywhere you want, it doesn’t matter, if it’s a pizza shop, a Mexican call center, or your kid’s bedroom. Got paint, will travel, if the price is right, is Rich’s motto.  If you’re interested in hiring Rich to paint a mural or perhaps buy a painting contact him here toorich74@gmail.com

  1. Tears-HEX CREW says:

    Rich Is Definitely A Graff King, And A Very Supreme Artist. Dudes Also Super Laid Back, And Funny As Fuck, Which Is Surprising Cuz Most Great Champs Have Been Hella Cocky. This Man Slays Everything He Touches. Props Too TooRich! Respect Due!

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