If you know anything about real Hip-Hop you know the name, Copywrite, of the legendary Megahertz Crew. If you don’t. Well, either you’ve been living under a rock or you don’t know shit about Hip Hop.  Copywrite  took some time out of his busy schedule, to talk with Sick Of ‘Em’s own Edaurdo Jones, about his highly anticipated new album- The Life and Times of Peter Nelson, What got him started as an emcee? His reasons behind cremating Asher Roth.  As well as why he dropped out of The Weathermen.

The Life and times of Peter Nelson hits shelves November 30th. For more on Copywrite check his site http://copywriteworld.com/

Sick Of EmWhat first made you want to be an emcee?

Copywrite– I was accidently freestyling with Jakki, his brother and another friend of mine who is no longer alive. We used to record skits and shit, like fake commercials on a boombox with a  mic. One day, Jakki was banging on a table and we were freestyling to it. Bad freestyles mind you, but they rhymed. I remember I started my shit out with a Scarface line because I was a huge Ghetto Boys fan. People in the neighborhood heard it and liked it. So we started writing songs. That’s what got us started.

Sick Of ‘emSo your grandfather is Skip Nelson, did that have anything to do with you wanting to be a musician?

Copywrite– No I didn’t know any of that about him. Like, I just found out my real last name is Mirabella. Nelson was a fake name my grandfather made up so he’d be accepted. If I knew my real name was Mirabella, I wouldn’t have said trying to sound like Pete nelson but you can’t even Copywrite. I’d have said Pete Mirabella, and I wouldn’t have said “This fool Nelson will put you in a full nelson.” Because that’s not even my real last name. I didn’t even know all that history until about 2-3 years ago.

Sick of ‘Em-How do you think the industry has changed since when you dropped your first album, and now with the internet being a big part of the music industry?

Copywrite– I know the internet helped me out, I acknowledge that. But it’s a double edged sword because it fucked people up too.  You know, like as far as downloading music for free, albums leaking and shit like that. I’m not mad at the internet at all. The only real problem I have with it is, how over saturated the game became. In 98, if you put out something on vinyl, you automatically got a little bit of attention, just because people weren’t just recording ridiculous garbage. It was kind of at the point where you actually had to be good, to a degree. Not all the way, but good, for the most part. It’s just so over saturated! Go look at myspace, it’s like a bad music flea market. It’s like going to the Livingston flea market in Columbus, and they just have cassettes of everything, just straight shit.  That’s what myspace is right now, that’s  kind of what the game is right now, just a bunch of shit! There’s so much shit everywhere.

Sick Of ‘EmWhat spawned the Asher Roth beef? Why did he come at you with Silly boy?

Copywrite– I came at him first because he’s wack. One day, I was out with my girlfriend eating dinner, and I went in the bathroom to take a piss, and started thinking about how irritated I was by him. It was more like a thought, you know when you think about something you want to do, but it’s not necessarily what you will do.  But I really wanted to diss this kid, because I kept thinking about it, and the more I thought about the more I realized I just wanted to do it. What really got on my nerves was how he was getting on, but he was wack as fuck. He just had Eminem’s old voice, and I know good and god damn well that’s not how he really talked in real life. It’s kind of like Gorilla Black. When Gorilla Black first came out he used to scream and yell and shit, before he got put out there like that, he didn’t sound like Big. If you really care about originality, there’s ways to make your voice different. I was just like fuck this kid! I didn’t give a fuck that I didn’t know him. KRS 1 didn’t know BDP when he threw those two idiots off the stage! He was just fucking up something I enjoyed doing. I mean honestly, I just felt like destroying somebody. I come from a battle background. Before we were putting out shit in the early days, you just went around battling everybody. I used to go to the mall and just start talking shit out loud, hoping somebody would over hear my arrogance, and try and challenge me. We used to just go to Red White and Boom and The Rib Fest, and just battle people. A part of me was missing battling, and I wanted to see if this kid could really rhyme. Maybe he was real emcee and was just playing a game to get on. I was also wondering that.

Sick Of ‘EmHow is the Life and times of Peter Nelson going to be different than previous releases?

Copywrite– Oh man, my whole world has changed. One of my best friends, Camu died. My mom died, my grandfather passed, I’m more mature. Well, a little more mature. When T.H.E. High  Exhaulted came out, I was like 22 or 23, man. I’m just so much more of a different person now. More importantly, I know how to write songs now. It’s funny because all of the mixtapes, and features I did, were like training for my sophomore album. I don’t want to sound arrogant, but I’m just a way better writer, and a way better artist, than I was before. I listen to my old shit, and I’m like Jesus Christ, why do I sound like this? Why was I doing it like this? I know so many other ways to do this now. Why was I doing it like this back then? But I still also like it. I’m also not shitting on it. I love that fucking album, because it marks an era for me. It was a real fucking fun era, when the shit was brand new to me, as far as putting out records. But this album is way different. I’m happy as shit about this album. I’m happy that Double XL gave it one rating less than classic, one rating less than perfect.  They didn’t have to do that shit. We didn’t pay them any fucking money. I feel like I’m definitely doing something right, and I feel like my album is classic. I really do.

Sick Of ‘Em- How did you get signed by Man bites Dog?

Copywrite– Dude who owns the label used to throw shows, he was a show promoter. We had done some shows, and he used to ask me if I wanted to put out an album? But he didn’t have any distro, and I’d say no, but I’ll put out a Producers album with you, because I was trying to get known as a producer.  Then time progressed, and time progressed, and I really didn’t have a label, so it just really made sense.

Sick Of ‘EmWho’s the next Emcee you’re out to destroy?

Copywrite– No, no, no, no, you know what? I’m really content with everything. I’m just chillin.  I’m just trying to make a bunch of albums. I’m trying to make nothing but back to back classics. We’re working on the Megahertz album right now.  Me, RJD2, Tage and Jakki. We’re working on that as we speak. I’m not doing another solo album. I just did a fucking record by myself. I’m sick of myself. I’m not doing another solo for a while. I want to work with other people.

Sick Of ‘EmWhy did you leave the Weathermen?

Copywrite– Because damn….. I don’t really feel like dissin this dude, but I don’t know people can take it however they want.  (Laughs) Because Cage is a really weird negative person. He fucking told us he sold his soul to the devil when we were on the robust tour. He told us all women are whores including his mother. His character man, I don’t fuck with people like that! I don’t care what religious beliefs you have, but when you have a daughter and I’ve known you for a whole two year span, and I’ve seen you with your daughter one time, I mean what the fuck is that? He’s just a shitty individual man. What’s really funny is he tried to spread so much propaganda to make people believe that I was like that.  I’m very capable of grimy shit, and I’ve done my fair share of grimy shit, any dirt I did, for the most part, was ignorant as fuck, but it was never to my friends, or friends of friends, and it was never to my family. I just don’t fuck with the cat. Plus, there was always a jealous vibe when we went on tour. I would help him out on his shows. I had no problem being the hype man, and finishing your lines, because you’re fat, and your fat ass was too fat to finish your own shit.  I always just caught a jealous vibe from him. Like, the crowd would react to my shit differently than his. He was just this fat jealous bitter 33 year old man, who was mad at the world because he didn’t get his fuckin’ just deserves. I just didn’t want to fuck with him! He’s just a little bitter bitch! Even now, I hear fans talk about how he treats them like shit. I’m like yeah, well, welcome, welcome to the world that is Chris Palko. I’ll be real with you, because I’m not a hater. I like the way he rhymes now, better than he did before. Before his shit was all sloppy, and he didn’t give a fuck about it, and I’d throw him garbage lines, and he would use them, and shit like that. His music now isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I feel he’s a better artist now, and he takes his craft more serious. I respect that, and I do respect the level of success he’s obtained. But as a person I don’t fuck with him at all.

Sick of ‘emThis is just a crazy question, but given the option, which would you give up if you had to give one up. You could never do the one you choose again- Music or busting a nut?

Copywrite– Um, Music, I’d never make music again, FUCK MUSIC!


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