Who Cares About A Vampire? Nate Fish

Posted: November 2, 2010 in Humor, Nate FIsh
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Vampires, Big Foots, and Werewolves

Who cares about a vampire,

A werewolf,

or a big foot?

If you are one of these you have plenty of TV shows to watch about your life.

People sleep with there TVs on, intentionally.

If you are a cop show, or at least a show having something to do with the Law, you are famous (Don’t worry, if you are not one of these things, you might still be able to get famous).

TV isn’t real life. But somewhere deep down we think it is, or want it to be. And then we feel confused about real life.

I thought we were taking a step in the right direction with reality TV.

I was wrong.

If you are an action hero and you have a tight fitting body suit, you are well known and respected.

Do you think of people on TV as watching as much TV as you do?

A wise man once told me that if we were to watch our life replayed on a screen, that, ironically, all of the time we spent in front of a screen would appear blank.  According to http://www.mediafamily.org. the average American kid between the ages of 8 and 18 spends six and a half hours a day looking at an electronic screen.

I have recordable, rewindable TV at my house.

Every time you bring a television, or any modern amenity for that, into your home, you inadvertently invite advertisements and propaganda into your psyche which get in the way of what would otherwise be your actual life.

If you are a bulletproof cell phone, an impossibly flat TV, or some combination of the two, you are highly coveted.

TV will continue to play an increasingly large roll in our lives as it becomes digital

and interactive.

If you are a small object that upon being found will give your holder super-human power,

a cute monster

or the devil,

you are not real, but you are massively popular.

75% of the television shows in the fifties were about cowboys and Indians.

If you are just a regular person with a regular life,

I would understand if you thought no one cared about you.

There are few to no programs about your life.

And even though your successes, ideas, and problems are the only real things I’ve mentioned here, they will always give way to a fake world presented on a screen, in stereo, and on time.

I would also plead with you to watch less television because if you are a regular person that is probably what you spend much of your time doing.

  1. Hello. Great job. I did not expect this on a Wednesday. This is a great story. Thanks!

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