Honest-Ricky Garni

Posted: November 6, 2010 in Poetry
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Injun, I ran into

two old  girlfriends


And they were both newlyweds

And they both told me how

happy they were

And I said Good Riddance

to both of them mentally

In my mind and


to both of them, out loud

and then sought repose

with music and tender reflection

upon some dumb letters

that I stupidly keep

insanely enough

at home in the midst

of a dark place that offers

no sucour as they say but

luckily, the third woman

in my life yesterday, a stranger

ran up to me and my good

friend in front of her friends

outside the bar late at night

and said to me How do you

think I am doing when I asked

how she was doing

Not looking behind herself at all

and walking very quickly she said

I have a veil on and a plastic

penis around my neck and they

are taking pictures of me

If you drink enough you

will never remember it

I said and she said They are

taking pictures so I will never

forget and I agreed Unless, of

course, I said, you never see

them ever again your whole life

and you get out as fast as

you can My Darling

She had a wonderful smile

and she acted as though she

had just woken up and it was

springtime in the forest

walking away

It reminded me a little of the parts

of Bambi of King Kong of Godzilla

that I saw, the parts where I didn’t

force myself to cover my own

eyes, the parts I try so hard

I try so hard not to forget


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