Psalm of My Nasty-Sweet Cunt-Jennifer Hollie Bowles

Posted: November 8, 2010 in Poetry
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Psalm of My Nasty-Sweet Cunt


Before my Pointman came,

I sang to my Sweet Sweet Cunt,

dripping passive Femme Honey

Dew onto Cocks and Fingers…

Oh, Nasty Nasty Cunt, swollen and

blistered, wanting more, stealing

rougher Rides and harder Spankings,

Dear Nasty-Sweet Cunt, oceanic

Whirlpool, vise-tight in the Center,

swirling with Fear-of-Love Poison,

sucking Men in with bent

Back and innocent Smile


After my Pointman came, I sang to

him, My Cunt is Sweet only for you

who Tastes the Sound of my Honey

Dew, My Cunt is Nasty only for you

who learns to Steer my Shadows,

My Nasty-Sweet Cunt is yours—

the Sole Singer of Anti-Poison



  1. Dr R K Singh says:

    A nice self-reflecting erotica.
    R K

  2. Whoaaaaa baby! That Pointman is a lucky dog!

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