30 More Maxims or Monolines -Changming Yuan

Posted: November 12, 2010 in philosophy, Poetry
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30 More Maxims or Monolines

Man becomes established at the age of thirty — Confucius


1. There is light in every dream we have in darkness.

2. However pitch-dark the whole night is, it can never turn a single snowflake black.

3. This is a graying age, where white is turning black while black white.

4. The meaning of life, if any at all, is to create a meaning for life.

5. There is no distinguishing between black and white, for the color of life is grey to begin with.

6. A house for sale is never a home, while a heart unoccupied is a hotel for rent.

7. Freedom is the thin distance between the fleeing mouse and the chasing cat.

8. Love may be 99% honey and 1% money, while marriage is definitely otherwise.

9. Pleasant or painful, all experiences are as good as cash saved for a long rainy day.

10. Birth throws us out into different times whereas death recalls us back into the same place.

11. No rules are created for their creators.

12. In this age of information, we are all fish swimming freely before the net is towed onto the boat.

13. The more high technologies, the more low minds.

14. Many still very much alive are already stone dead; many already stone dead are still very much alive.

15. On the stage of life, we may not be able to choose the play, but we can choose the roles to play.

16. Comedy can come without romance or finance, but tragedy has to do with either or both.

17. Growth is painful because it means a series of deaths of our pasts, while death can be pleasant because it may result from a series of births of our presents.

18. Misfortune is a peculiar privilege.

19. In memories, roses always look fresher, while thorns less sharp.

20. What we see or read has always been so edited that the truth remains only in the mind of history unwritten.

21. God died long ago; heroes have all disappeared; and here is man left standing alone.

22. The bird flies as high as heaven, but it has to return to the earth to make a nest.

23. Remaining an outsider can give you a sense of superiority, transcendence and peacefulness.

24. Time is the most meticulous makeup master of all.

25. Only those determined to reform others can hope to be reformed.

26. Parting is painful; even more so is having no one to part from.

27. He is happy who is not afraid not to be rich, sexual, famous or powerful.

28. Do some deep thinking about nothing every day, and you will stay healthy, wealthy and wise

29. We all have some questions for heaven, but heaven always remains silent.

30. Like a silkworm, I have contributed all my silk to the human world. If it does not care, why should I?




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