Casino-Christian Alvarez

Posted: November 14, 2010 in Christian Alvarez, Poetry


i didnt dream last nite i walked the streets
i didnt want last nite but for everything i walked the block
u left me on a corners lament
u left me
quick sanded a cement
a distant
a locked out goodbye
so i tossed my wallet to the sky said goodbyeback and kissed wishes twoards heavens screaming insides
fuck this world sometimes its all i have a real made maker

i couldnt see straight
so i threw my glasses at the unforgiving road n shattered now im blind
i took a page from a worn out book and tossed communication twoards forever now a distant unheard ringtone
left dead on the side of the road
may we never speak of it or at all again my former friend
if never felt
never known

this sayer of these sloppy sooths
screamer of these wasted youths is me and mine
a player of such sudden mainge
if never broke
never grown
to take is to try to wish is to lie
in wait
will never come u must
you must walk the roads paved with true intention if even to hell this roads direction
u look like u knew
all along
didnt u?


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