Yesterday Christian Alvarez approached me with an interesting idea. A game of Poetic Chess.  A very fun and entertaining exercise and collaboration. Below is the result of said match. Christian Alvarez wrote the first Stanza and I followed with the next and so on and so on.. We invite other contributors to try this exercise and of course we will post the resulting work here in our new category Poetic Chess, Enjoy…

when u saw me pull the clean blade your eyes lit up
Distant reminders of severed heart strings and clipped angel wings
all strung out on my chrismas tree
trimmed with garland, greed, and deceit
dripping on present presents presenting christmas card like reds and the holiday colors..

Filling the gullets of gluttons, gorging on fat little martyrs ripe for the slaughter.
neatly wrapped boxes bowtied and placed pleasently as they should be.. as it should be
because all rules bend under capitol winds
tv eyes we see
sweaters we
claim to be a warm embrace
disguised as spit in your face
wrapped up in confident colors
once a year a smile
a pretend
a pushed
pleasant little prodding reminders
to keep on the blinders
to keep close and
keep score
makeshift memories
mistletoe kisses
mangier Messiahs
and social pariahs
stirring creatures
maids a milking
5 golden cock rings
dripping with lust
now hush
too many wasted tomorrows
drowned in the bottom of a bottle

  1. Kasey says:

    Love it… an all time favorite line “Distant reminders of severed heart strings and clipped angel wings”

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