Leaflet Shower – William Seward Bonnie

Posted: December 14, 2010 in philosophy, Poetry, William Seward Bonnie
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Leaflet Shower
zombie nights incorporating coffee and righteous acclamations of process mostly
thoughtless, in a sense, it’s a long line of circumvented anger, danger
misplaced trust and wages..a strange way to ring in a new year,
decades later.
trains colliding on tracks,as their stranglehold on debt is essentially maxed out
Visa, American Express…foot in mouth.

generational debt for the new consumers. babies are these companies’ futures.

old lies, even older rumors. I’m surprised our leaders aren’t building mausoleums filled with gold and toilet paper,
an old-school thought process to take their wealth to an afterlife game show..or this is the thought.. at least until us grave robbers show. decked out in goon attire with hand cannons the size of Pluto.

bullets made to decimate a human skull.

No more will I stand, and relate the rate of pay to my wages. I’ve been all about starting a revolution since my first day. Out of the womb, covered in fire and charcoal, holding a sign that says imperialism must drown, or the elite children will end up like Lindbergh’s son. Shit, I’m vicious, I’ll admit this…I’m probably not the ideal poster boy for a counterculture insurgence, but then again weren’t all revolutionaries criminals? Spend some days in jails, learning and studying the traits of the so-called underbelly. They are just like you and I, possibly with a stronger taste for ale…drugs…sex…loitering..but unlike you, they aren’t afraid of dying. One of the best friends I’ve ever had in my life was Victor Castro aka “Green Eyes”, we spent nights in our jail cell, telling stories devoid of lies, devising plans to hit the inside; the heart and hope of this nation lies in MY generation, in our collective mind. Kids with no patience, raceless faces, only brains, spines and heart stems inside of us.
Gems of denial,
tired of the boomers buying in. Hippie is just another word for failure, another concentrated effort to do nothing but hang out, and while that’s all fine and dandy, it set up greed, consumerism,and meandering; no child searching for a truth, only for the best way to look. As my brother said it so elegantly “women are interested in your cell phone, cars and TVs. So get the Iphone like me. That’ll probably get you some pussy.” IN response, I sold my possessions, each and every single one of them..except for some clothes and literature I find extremely influential. To live as a nomad, couch to couch, getting as much brain as a young man should..while drawing up posters and constructing words in prose and poems, collecting knowledge from the youth I call bro’s. And all in all, as the world turns, the voices of opposition start to explode from the mouths of babes, which if you are a true Christian, you’d know to listen to your youth. Young minds have no conception of distorted truth.

Though I lament, and will be the first to admit, that I am of a growing minority. America is a fraternal sorority filled with the bitching spoiled and they’re rotting the brains of my friends. Seventy-hour work weeks,12 hours a day on your feet, and they’re getting fucked like their great grand parents did, except for that one uncle and that one aunt. Great depression 2.0. I am in the trenches of poverty fighting side by side with anonymous, nameless, pissed off kids, who are more afraid to talk than I am. Jumping boxcars from city to city, living as dirty and calm as need be, this is where future children will find their heroes. This is what we, as world citizens need: education and the absence of greed.





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