to be taken from a life of open

this is the way of this world

we are smothered weakened forces forced and constricted into consumption

fenced ideas fenced in then fenced

traded emotions block chopped by

monsters seling buying and running over those that once were part of the grand scheme

now the merely

promsed to inherit what is not and never ever will be now

the unkept

un cared for

the voiceless

the uninsured

we my children are the economic fatherless society trickin on the row

promised pimped

check your belt to see where it was made and just who holds those pants up

next time you are in costco wallmart kill yourself

or at least take the chinese piece of shit off the wall and drop it on the hard smooth floor and smile

it is a day to wonder why

it is a time to write

to have a voice

to take a stand

to believe that no one has the right to make you feel inferior

noone has the power to curb freedom of anykind

for any amount

of anything

opinions cannot be captured

poets cannot be silenced

money will never claim the meanings the offerings or the shared emotions built from the freedom of words

nor the freedom to use them



the freedom to abuse him and her and we and poor little pet of the proletariat.

last time.

one last


better yet,

let’s get the whole she bang

over with and curb stomp freedom

castrate freedom

degenerate freedom, and its Uncle Tom Joadways..

let’s dress it up real pretty and parade it

in the streets of Sodom!

Let’s put a little gust

up that IRON SKIRT




Fuck the prodigal meat puppet

sitting on his throne

blistered tongue spewing lies in our eyes

softer now softer now

on bended knee I spit at the king

from the bottom of the bottle

I drowned in sorrow

kissed tomorrow

and let you follow

Hollow eyes snake tongued lies

between the lines sign of the times

Fuck the masses

buy the gas

light the match

burn baby burn

softer now

softer now

Intravenous prick

to cure the sick

icicle heart string

anti hero zero

the crumpled shell

which fell in hell



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