RAW CHESS- Christian Alvarez VS. Edaurdo Jones

Posted: December 22, 2010 in Christian Alvarez, Edaurdo Jones, poetic chess, Poetry
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Gun metal tongue fucker

with a stainless steel vein perforater

trigger fingered block stalkin concrete limp

Soul seller cellar dweller

Rusto vandal

bloody bubble letter outlined skylines

chain linked back alley fire escape artist

shard carved

surround dead

All city Bomb threat

Moon lit metal burner

Aerosol Prophets writing box car mantras

gutter ink and shit stains

bloody bubble letter outlined skylines

Touline scented finger tips

Tinted lensed soul fences

One liner mind bender

Black book massacre with a boxcar desire

scribbled piles of nonsense on leafs ..stones.. and passers by

These are just a few of my favorite things

fake fukin wood licker

pop a spike into a vain

reflection of a favorite was

finger trigger cock block stalker

tainting lovers locked lips from across the street

eyes met but wont meet

raw meat concrete limp

bloody bubbly letter outrhymed skylined

memories of a cold wet winter

Out rhymed laying in a chalk outline

8 stanza’s burned straight through your chest

lay you to rest Angel of death

sucking your soul out your breath

spit tongue twisters until our tongues blister

Toxic bubonic psychotic

spitting gernades infused with aids

until you start wishin

your pissin razorblades

you neurotic flash in the pan

crush you in the palm of my hand

synchronized sequences of synchronism

got me reaching for ratchet and hatchets from under my mattress

straight crazy

toss you and yr lady into a pit full

of pit bulls

with rabies

my Brains coated

with scabies

Leave you fathom deep

counting sheep

listening to earthworm tails

slitherin across your coffin nails

this morning i came to the sounds of monsters roaming the rain soaked streets @ dawn

wind like maddness

thoughts violent scribble

i drew blood to break the circle

forcing pushing pinching to know i was awake alive that this was true

curbed gutter mothers

giving still birth

reaching for air

tossed into pits of sleeping snakes

throat cut smiles

i woke up in the sore

running for the shadows as the crowd grows wants more


the monsters slowly closer

the monster slowly you

this never ever over is on

the mob wrecks

the mob runs

as i have become

A monstrosity at full bore velocity

slam poetic nonsense

to pass the tense

triple beam schemes murdering dreams

digital fables

spit through the cable

Mr. Speaker tweeker word geeker

poison flows out of my pen

into your head

plague on the page

free verse

I once danced across the night

clipped coupons for angel wings

watched a snake slither between serenities thighs

while jealousy buried its fangs in beautys throat

Karma stealer

fishing for wishes

that are nothing more than fishes

rotting on dirty dishes

covered in soul salmonella vanilla media greed bacteria

with a nickel plated nine

to gain

nine nickels to fill my plate

tongue fucking fate

don’t be late for your

own wake

pinchin pennies for your thoughts

tossed in to well wished puddle spots

forget me knots

tossin dollars at the scent of bubble gum

she slitherine

i sling poems buy the pound

rhymes by the gram

swoop birds by the hand

lust and leave

they call it greed

i call it need plantin seed while my clocks on speed

runnin hunted shoulder check

i wear looks on the back of my head

blodshot eyes in the back of my neck

keep blade sharp shoes tied loose noose swingin

waitin for my neck whats next im shark im snake

slid up 2 serinity and asked her to get hot get up get bake

her mistake made forever fate

too tempting not to take

too close not to make

too down to ride fake

to sharp to miss weight

to still to drop shake

to real this take

this spit

this was

this is


and will happen again

this will happen again

Ramble- ramble- ramble…..

There’s Mathematics

to hazardous battle tactics

why play chess

here’s an ice pickin your chest

why do you repeat what you heard

little mocking bird?

must be at a loss for words

shits getting absurd

bloody bubble your skyline

thats my line

here I’ll make you cringe

dozen dirty syringes piercing your skin

off the hingesfrom drug binges

skin singin


see what you’ve done

got a whole new generation of assholes

thinkin they the chosen ones

Beats get stomped under feet

out in the negro streets


i am the beat


thought you knew

even the one that you stomp your lil mantra to

im 808’s snare rockers heartbeats and thunderclaps

the rhythm of fuck i am that soul clap that hi hat

i said i watch my back while you straight front

ive been on point since the jump while you wack flacid and pump

snatched up a line

chopped it cut it sold it for mine at twice the dime

wasnt yours to come up on

you think so ..thats fine and

thats whats wrong with you kids these days

laptop killer types all hard

sippin coco actin loco in his mommys garage

12 syringes? so that makes 36 and i still aint high

jesus christ crown of thorns 1cc’s what i need

i smoke trees not seeds

speak truth no lies

i am the beat

the one that keeps you walkin left right in the street

not sure who allen or hank is

less they got what i want

bout to give em the test

gimmie that mirror ice pick you stuck in your chest so i can come up on these two fools doin what i do best

Been cooking that Pseudo voodoo

that you do

yeah, watch the lye crystalize into lies

you heard what I said

Red phosphorous made me prosperous

Acetone schemes and PYrex Dreams

Muriatic gas

with no face mask

Salty foil sticks

make that trouble bubble up double

Pray to the shadow people under the steeple

while you mixing up evil

that bag

might as well be

a toe tag



public speakers

from playing

with poison

they mixed up

in beakers

scabby skin crawl

from smokin

them balls

icy cool death

stealing your breath

injected vapors

mind erasers

speaking in tongues

burning your lungs


serenade the scum


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