Point and Counterpoint- Frankie Metro

Posted: January 3, 2011 in Frankie metro, Poetry

Point & Counterpoint

It should have sudden nose bleeds
when describing the unattainable directions
of the world-
fade into an 80’s pop light
& back again-
into the Swedish black & white hillsides
of a Bergman classic..

A chess match of sorts;
that ultimately reveals itself
to be merely checkers.

It should be a stark blue face
burning ember
grotesque and missing some teeth.

a reality.
an existential bludgeoning
from light, picture-sound!

paper wings on a young
costume, worn well
into our 80’s.

a mad smile,
a hapless dance.

2 stars only
in the brink of growing
old & dying

Yet, no childish whisper
w/ its grandiose exit.

It should happen.
It should will itself
into being.
It should be famished
while looking into
our hungry eyes!

It should be the grandfather
& the daughter
of what is already known..

the unapologetic bastard
of what could be.

It should be easily removable
w/ acetone
or gasoline-
applicable with super glue
& propane..


founded well before
all was about the
& what
is where
it came from..

how is
we did it.

In the valley they will call it longing.
In the cities,
which grow inside swollen glands,
out-dated tonsils..
it will want to kill a
it will want to foster a new
a logical

It’ll make a huge scene

In the cities,
they’ll call it desire

  1. Diana Rose says:

    that was a great movie Id like to watch again…and a great ending…

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