Dog Collar- Jack Varnell

Posted: January 10, 2011 in Poetry
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Jack Varnell/The Emotional Orphan


Dog Collar


White collar. White noise.


Blue collar, bruised.


Dog walker. Dog collar. Dog.


Priests collar. What’s under the halo?


Halo slips, just another collar.


Black fucking turtle neck collar


and a no way beret.


Bongo gimme a beat. Down tempo,


in a downtown beat down.


V-neck, crew neck collar


with a studded collar crew


that got collared,


called the V-necks.


Don’t fucking move,


chained there to your nothing.


One false move and the bear trap snaps.


The next thing you know you’ll be


eating off your arm just to stay alive.


But it’s okay we all get hungry to escape,


and yearn to breathe, while asphyxiating.


Asphyxiating collar turned noose


and the floor just fell out from under.


  1. Tzynya says:

    clever and nice pacing, geography.

  2. From the dog collar, to the preist hallo, to the bear trap, to the gnawing off the limb for survival. What the hell kind of world is this anyway? even the top of he world has its limits. Excellent work, Jack.

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