Happy Natal Day To Shawn Morrill-Murphy Clamrod

Posted: January 20, 2011 in Murphy Clamrod, Poetry
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I knew a boy who
would hide as traffic drove-by 

a boy who melted Darth Vader in the oven

I knew a boy that collected
garbage-pail &
baseball cards

I knew a boy who
would steal milk &
milk money from school

who picked on bullies
who loved his bike
chased all the girls
who never wanted
to be hall monitor
however got a
Good Kid award

I knew a kid who
would take any dare
do any stunt
a kid who
out ran the law on the
back bones of Belmont
a kid who
chased ghosts in the
graveyards of Gilmanton
a kid who
learned to dream in the
square of Canterbury

I knew a kid who
loved to listen to &
make music
who mixed tapes
who knew what it meant
to have been experienced
who learned though
broken noses
& black-outs
what it means to fight
like a man

I know a man
a young man
who feels old
a man who looks back
as if it was all a dream
a nightmare at times
an unable-to-track VHS copy of
the clouded visions of
a fun housed reflection of

I know this man who
if he lives to be
seventy-two he
will have
only lived
of his



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