Happy Birthday- Kasey Kline

Posted: January 29, 2011 in Poetry



Lie filled smiles

Birthday Cake

washing the cum from my mouth

Secrets Burned

Beneath green eyes

Heavenly pats

0n the head

for a good girl

Soul less giggles

to fill the silence



of speech



desert sand


on knees


thoughts of you.

  1. CHRISTIAN says:


  2. CHRISTIAN says:


  3. Kasey Kline says:

    Big thanks to Sick Of ‘EM!!

  4. christian says:

    welcome aboard i was so elated to see this my 1st comments were nonsense.
    this poem/memory/thought bubble confirms my feelings about your writing.. when i am in a position of “tapping out” my safe word is “precisely”.. its funny because every word you allow the reader is precise and well spent.. not to mention the assumed backstory would make lesser humans tap out or scream “precisely”.. excellent writing i cant wait to see more

  5. well deserved placement here. this is a poem that is stark, blunt, brutal with birfday cake and all the fucked up, twisted trimmings. yr a brave lady kasey. respect

  6. Diana Rose says:

    It was hard to write that … very hard. mad respect.

  7. Amber Nicole says:

    Creates an uneasy nostalgia in the mind of the female reader

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