Mourning Ballad- William Seward Bonnie

Posted: February 1, 2011 in Poetry, William Seward Bonnie
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i sprung it out of the dung yesterday morning

The  heady’s were mourning, no hurting any more, just ketamine and open needle sores

Her  heart poured into my pimp chalice for hours until our mouths melted

into each other’s salvia incidents,

laced with way to much acid and amphetamines snorted over the tips of switch blade match sticks

I wore a doctor doom mask only during naps, sleeping with a back pack full of rhymes and knots that were unloaded so its empty barrel could watch my back

sometimes i feel like I’m on a war path on an audio daily double duelin out my governmental scum rebuttals, listening to champion ship games threw headphones while only smoking in the tunnels. Pittsburg rough and tumble, tramps goin ham, hum bums are humble till the night rolls around, hats when the wolves go out.

Pirate ships are all over the cities  kid, you just have to know hot to hot wire, steer and use the peddles no finger prints for the 6-UP to get ya, just more tequila shots and vomit. You can have anything in the world if you want to.



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