Grey Bar Hotel Chain Stays- Edaurdo Jones w. Art by VERBS

Posted: February 3, 2011 in Edaurdo Jones, Poetry
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These are some pieces of art I received today from good friend Verbs via the Ohio Corrections system. Many of you may know verbs from my stories. Drop him a line. Nothing like hearing from the outside world when you are locked up….Andrew Denicola 581745 po box 8000 501 tompson Rd. Conneaut, Ohio 44030

Verbs Stole a car

crashed it

live on the evening news

Johnny got popped getting

pills in the mail

Ceasers drawer full of coke and pills

got him deported

He’s living on the beach

in the Domican Republic

doing fine

his brother Alex is  doing a dime

Omars got busted with a gun and 10 pounds

in the trunk

Bizzo got popped with that junk and ratted to the feds

he’ll probably end up on cell block dead

Clancy  from Southie

was the best celly I ever had

crisp white tees to hold

me down

i remember when Brendon

got caught


ratted out Bobby and Mike

piece of shit

set up Mike with his son in the car

buying 10 jars

Shorty snitched out Kidd

for selling acid

and he got five

Gats did a bullet for a gun

Kyles doing time for beating a pilot blind

Green was a Monstar of the DDU

Rashawn just didn’t know how to stop

so he got popped

Shanes was raising hell out in Guam

now he’s locked in a 3rd World cell

Tony went  twice for smuggling ice

Porter and Billy shot it out with the cops

JD robbed a bank and never made bail

Mikey’s doing 9 for crossing state lines

Shannon’s shenanigans finally  caught up with her

There’s a lot more…

But these are just some of my friends

who done did or are doing time



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