To Whom It May Concern- C. Every

Posted: March 5, 2011 in Uncategorized


To Whom It May Concern:

Hello, how are you? I’m writing this because as of late I’m noticing the world is like a burning building or horrible car crash. Sure, everybody is watching and standing there saying “Jesus, this is fucking horrible!” but nobody is really doing anything about it.  Sure you’re sharing links and news articles. But what’s that really doing? Is sending your friend a picture of a burning building going to save the people inside?


I’m not saying I’m any better. I’m not doing anything either. In fact probably 95% of us aren’t doing anything. There’s a ton of armchair revolutionaries, civil rights activists, politicians, eco-warriors etc. But the truth is most of you are doing it for Facebook likes and comments. How many of you actually go out to rallies, take part in local Government, or any of this?  My honest estimate is maybe 1 in 20.


We are a generation of voyeurs, too caught up in watching, instead of doing. Self-absorbed assholes, who only really care about that next “like.” At least I can admit it. If any of us really cared we wouldn’t be on Facebook sharing links. We’d be out in the streets screaming enough is enough. Just like every other generation of our predecessors did.  But no, we are fat and content. I know am. None of these things are directly affecting me, but it sure is cool to watch and share links and be so up to date, while status updating WALK LIKE AN EGYPTIAN. No one is really walking the walk though. Who are we kidding?  Hanging that Che’ Guevara poster on your wall, isn’t you trudging through a Central American jungle with Asthma ridden lungs, hardly able to walk with a rifle on your back, fighting for your beliefs. That Che’ poster is our generation’s Warhol soup can. Revolution is hip like skinny jeans and scarves. Something pseudo intellectuals discuss over $7.00 cups of coffee at Starbucks and PBR’s at Hipster bars.


My question is when did it become cool to pretend to be revolutionaries and scream emptiness from digital soap boxes?


Sincerely, C. Every


  1. Diana Rose says:

    There was a rally at 5 pm yesterday for the teachers in my state.. our new governor is working his way to being the first to be impeached in Florida..

    • I think some people are actually doing things, and much respect to those that do. but I’m going to agree with Mr. Every, that most people just think it’s cool to talk about revolution. I mean if every person who was sharing links etc. Was out there actually doing something about these situations. the world would be a very different place…

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