I witnessed ignorance

In all its ugliness

I was at court

Nothing major

Just some driving stuff

After my hearing

I walked out the door

To smoke a cigarette

And wait for my ride

I saw a young Dominican girl

Maybe 22 0r 23

Walk out the door

Tears welling in her


She paced about back and forth

Put her eyes to the sky

Took a deep breath

And walked back inside

A few minutes later I

Saw an angry kid about

The same age as her

Storm out the door

Yelling get your ass

Over here now

I turned to see who

He was yelling at

It was the Dominican girl

You could see the fear

In her eyes

She shook her head

And walked back inside

He quickly followed her

I stood looking through the

Glass doors

Flicked my cigarette

To the curb

And walked

Back in

By now this kid had her

Backed up against

The wall

Screaming in her


Right there in the middle

Of the courthouse

Then he pushed her

In no time the baliff

Was there

Trying to diffuse

The situation

It didn’t work

His rage turned to

The baliff

Yelling screaming

And finally a shove

Next thing he knew

He was in cuffs

And there

Was ignorance

In his rage

In the giggling smiles

Of the teenage punks


In the hall

And especially

In the crying

Eyes and screams

Of the Young Dominican girl


Not to take

Her oppressor



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