Bite, chew, spit, how hard could it be? I mean really, what the fuck are your options right now? The bone is already broken. That would’ve been the hardest part. Just open your mouth sink your teeth in and tear the meat away.

It’s definitely easy to tell yourself this. But Jesus fucking Christ actually manning up and doing it is another story.

 Come on you fucking pussy, DO IT! Do It! Do It! That buzzard over there is going to pick your eyeballs out of your skull before you’re even dead if you don’t.

Alright, alright,  give me a minute here.

There’s got to be another way out of this. Pull? No, I can’t even stand up. To fucking pull.  The fucking car has me pinned  face down with over half my fucking arm under it.

Smash, smash, smash.

 Yeah, that’ll do it asshole. Smashing your face in the ground is surely going to free you. Just take a bite. It probably tastes just like chicken. You love chicken.

You hear that metallic scratching sound? That’s another buzzard sharpening its beak against the metal above you.  Are you really going to let them pick your bones clean?  The heat alone is frying your brains. Aren’t you thirsty? The blood will quench the fire in your throat.

Bash-Bash- Bash..

Yeah, there you go. Break your hand. You already definitely lost one. Why not the other?

This is what I get for trusting the Gringo. I’m going to feed him his fucking balls!

You better do something quick. More buzzards are coming, can’t you hear all that screeching?

God, help me!

God? God only helps those who help themselves. You better get to chewing.

My knife, I need my knife. I can cut through it quicker. Where the fuck is my knife?

Oh, yeah your knife.. You had that on the seat next to you while you were driving. Shouldn’t have taken it off your waste. See it’s lying about ten feet away from you. It flew out of the car when you rolled down the embankment. Man, that sucks. So close but so, so, so far away..

Shut up! Shut the fuck up! Just shut up!

I’ll shut up, when you start chewing. Jesus, look at the size of that one that just landed on that rock!

Alright, alright, alright, I can do this.

Then do it already…

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, Aaaaah!

What are you laughing about? I don’t see anything funny about this mess you’re in?

I can’t believe I was stupid enough to make a deal with Freedom Jones and the fucking Gringo! The soul of humanity. Bring me the soul of humanity. What the fuck does Freedom Jones know about humanity? He fucking fed the members of the council of New Hope their own fucking children, before he crucified them and carved his mantra’s into their flesh, and my stupid ass made a deal with him! And that fucking bastard Gringo all he fucking cares about is getting high on Utopia, raping and pillaging. He’d sell his own mothers ass into slavery for a hit of Utopia and I partnered with him.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Worry about that later, right now I suggest you get to chewing. These buzzards aren’t going to keep watching. Pretty soon they are going realize you’re helpless.

Fuck it…

I open wide and bury my teeth into my arm. A warm salty food of blood washes over my tongue. I pull as hard as I can. I feel each snapping fiber of muscle explode in electric bursts of pain. I spit the chunk of meat out onto the searing sand. I nearly hear it sizzle as it touches the ground. The buzzards’ screeches sound as if they are laughing at my futile efforts to avoid their dinner plate.  Again and again I bury my fangs into my meat. Chewing, gnawing, tearing, at my flesh. The stringy tendons stuck in between my teeth. My blood pouring down my chin. My screams mixing with the buzzards screeching are the notes that fill this symphony of madness, being conducted under the blistering sun.

Look you’re nearly done. Just a few more bites to freedom.

The last mouthful is an orgasmic relief. My toes curl as I bust my nuts in my pants. I peel my blistered skin from the earth and I’m soon standing on rubber legs. There’s a few things I need to do, like stop the bleeding. But one thought is taking priority over all the others. I climb through the window of the El’ Camino. My eyes searching, ah, there it is. I grab the sawed off shotgun out from where its wedged under the gas pedal. I’m soon back on feet. The large buzzard on the rock is spreading its wings, screeching at me. I take aim pull the trigger and watch it explode and a shower of guts and feathers fall to the earth.

“Eat that mother fucker.”

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