About our mission

The world of literature is becoming stagnant, it’s overrun with bullshit journals, elitist snobs, wanna Beats, and band wagon jumpers.  Aren’t you Sick of ‘em?  A new generation deserves a new voice, its own voice.  Not cheap imitations of those who came before us. The dead are long gone, let them rest. The times are different, shouldn’t the words be too?

Inspiration is one thing, imitation is just mockery. We seek original voices. We seek rule breakers and boundary pushers. The evolution of the written word is our mission. Essays about those who came before us are not welcome here. We are not here to discuss the past. We are here to break new ground and push forward. There will be no censorship, come from the heart, or don’t come at all. Say how you feel, not what you think people want to hear. Give us the world through your eyes. We seek, and bring, the truth,  nothing less.

With this said,Welcome to Sick of ‘Em?- The Anti-Literary Journal.  Our Mission is simple, we want to bring you the best writing and art, our generation has to offer.  We aren’t concerned with paying constant tribute to the past. We have a great deal of respect for previous generations of writers. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t be writing. But we understand the past is the past. The tombs of the greats have already been plundered. We’re here to bring you a new generation of writers, their words will tell “our” story.   We aren’t searching for the “next” anybody. We’re looking for the first somebody.

We aren’t elitist snobs, we’re sick of ‘em.  We don’t care if you have a Masters degree, or if your work was featured in an award winning journal. Odds are if you’re published in one of those journals, we want no part of you. We seek to discover and bring– raw talent, the stuff you can’t learn in school.  We are seeking boundary pushing rule breakers. The type of writers, who toss a blazing middle finger in the face of the establishment, rebels with a cause.  This doesn’t mean we just publish anybody. You must know how to write, and your pieces need to be well written, and above all thought provoking and unique.  We want nothing but the best, the top shelf. We just don’t consider the Academic snobbery stuff, the top shelf.  We’re out to change the world because we’re Sick of ‘em. So the real question is, are you Sick of ‘em?

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  2. rsbakker says:

    You are not alone. I’ve actually been able to make a living fighting this fight, though my diagnosis differs from yours.

    Check out the Three Pound Brain at http://rsbakker.wordpress.com/ In the meantime, I’ll be sure to link your site to my own.

    We should organize some kind of interview/debate.

  3. Benjamin says:

    Hey. Your site looks rad, but you guys need a sick favicon.

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