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It’s been a while since we brought you any art here on Sick Of ‘Em. So today we are proud to bring you the art of Chris Center. Mad man – B-Boy- 3 dimensional guru- and Alien aficionado.

Chris Center has been painting since 1993. He first caught the bug when fellow artists Thic from Detroit Michigan and Ernesto Gauvera turned him on to Graffiti. Over the years he’s found mentors in such artists as Asend, Thic, Steve Keck, Howse, JT, Kevin Guyer, Mellissa Roberts, Wands, Lon, Eon 75, Resm, and Core Rock.

Center also finds influences in his art from everything in his life from the streets to outer space. Basically anything his senses can absorb drives him to create.  When asked about his goals his answer is a simple one. “Rocket till the wings fall off!”   To learn more about Chris Center and his art visit his site here CENTERHBT.COM (more…)


It’s Saturday and who really feels like reading a story today? Let’s rephrase that, nobody felt like writing a story today. Instead we’re going to bring you the art of Mike Rich.

Mike Rich is a lifelong resident of Maine. He’s an all around clown, who claims to be hung like a donkey. Rich doesn’t take much serious besides Art and being a father. He first caught the graffiti bug back in 1985, (more…)

In keeping up with showcasing art of all types, we’re proud to showcase the work of Bern Ellis…

The tale of Bern is a savage one. It started on June 26th , in the year of our lord 1976. This was the day he was spit from his mother’s womb into this world, kicking and screaming, covered in blood and guts, on the shores of Portland Maine. It’s rumored he then crawled across the land and scribed his name in the sand with a clam shell. This would be the beginning of his career as a notorious and infamous graffiti artist. After years of mastering graffiti, and various other art forms, He attend the Maine College of Art. After graduation Bern grew tired of life in Maine, well, that and it was reported he’d run out of things to write his name on in New England. (more…)

Keeping the thought in mind that not everybody likes to read, some of you just like to look at stuff. I figure it’s a good idea to bring you guys the work of some pretty amazing artists, who I feel deserve recognition. Plus it brightens the site up and it isn’t just a bunch of snobs smelling their brain farts. Ah, yes my words are an epic cornucopia of literary genius, and I feel they should be enough to entertain the masses. Sorry, I live in the real world, and I understand we live in a multimedia age. I also happen to love art as much as I love writing. I’m just not very good at it.

Today Sick of ‘em features some work by Stammy Asend, of  Los Angeles, California’s infamous The $tatus Faction. You can find his, and the rest of T$F’s work plastered all over the city of Angels. They also have a very entertaining blog I highly recommend to get your art, humor, or socio political commentary fix on at. Check it out here (more…)

There are certain things that were just meant to go together, peanut butter & jelly, cigarettes & coffee, bacon & eggs, cocaine & strippers, just to name a few.  They say a picture paints a thousand words, and words can paint a brilliant picture. So what happens when you combine a very visual style of writing, with an extremely thought provoking style of art?  You’re all about to find out! Nicolas Rocco and I share a mutual friend by the name of Matthew Werdink Sykes. Mr.Sykes decided to link the two of us up. He felt two deranged- anti- social- deviants of our caliber, surely should be working together.  So he introduced us to one another’s work.  The result of this introduction will be a collection of short stories entitled Gutter Fish, with words by Edaurdo Jones and Illustrations by Nicolas Rocco.  The book will be available in 2011 exclusively at the Werdink shop in Williamsburg- Brooklyn, New York. Most of you are already familiar with my work. So I’ll shut the fuck up now, and just let Rocco’s pictures do the talking..  Here are some examples of Rocco’s work enjoy…