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Short excerpt from Gutterfish…


Bite, chew, spit, how hard could it be? I mean really, what the fuck are your options right now? The bone is already broken. That would’ve been the hardest part. Just open your mouth sink your teeth in and tear the meat away.

It’s definitely easy to tell yourself this. But Jesus fucking Christ actually manning up and doing it is another story. (more…)


I witnessed ignorance

In all its ugliness

I was at court

Nothing major

Just some driving stuff (more…)


These are some pieces of art I received today from good friend Verbs via the Ohio Corrections system. Many of you may know verbs from my stories. Drop him a line. Nothing like hearing from the outside world when you are locked up….Andrew Denicola 581745 po box 8000 501 tompson Rd. Conneaut, Ohio 44030


6:45PM – Drastic sabotaged by unscrupulous Techniques

By this time, the DJ battles are ready to begin and the masses are filing into the stage area by the dozen. Columbus’s hometown hero Drastic is scheduled to do battle. He’s a master Technique technician. He works two turntables and a mixer like Eddie Van Halen works his Frankenstrat. Slicing, dicing, and juggling beats like a master chef and headline star of a three-ring circus rolled up into one. Serving up a menu full of fresh beats for hungry ears and turntable acrobatics to amaze the eyes. (more…)

In just a few short weeks we will be commemorating the anniversary of the late great Doctor Hunter S. Thompson’s death. So what I’d like to do, is get some Art submissions of Hunter S. Thompson portraits or images created from his words. I feel this will be a better tribute than any of us trying to craft words to pay tribute. Hunter was a one in a million and a million words wouldn’t be able to capture his essence. But as they say a picture says a million words, so please send all submissions to with HUNTER S.THOMPSON in the subject line.    We’ll be posting excerpts from Hunter’s work alongside the art.  All submissions must be in by no later than February 18- The  art will be up February 20th to celebrate the  life and times of Hunter S. Thompson…. Thank you- Edaurdo Jones- Captain of the Ship

I feel each rap on the door booming through my splitting skull. Jack hammering my booze soaked brain. I already know who it is, and what they want. It’s 10:30 AM and check out time was a half hour ago. It’s the fat little hotel manager. He’s come to roust me from my roost.  No rest for the wicked (more…)

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Gun metal tongue fucker

with a stainless steel vein perforater

trigger fingered block stalkin concrete limp

Soul seller cellar dweller (more…)