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Death In Stereo

By G.E. Fields
The Corolla coasted to a halt, silent like a ninja and dark as the surrounding night. Greg saw tall plants through one of the house’s side windows, backlit by nightlights. Another window revealed an antique floor lamp beside a small television. They were both bedrooms. He knew. He remembered. (more…)


The Hard Sell


Over the course of my life I have held various positions of employment, with wildly varying degrees of success.  Apart from one job the average time I spent in any one place of employment was around 3 months.  This should tell you everything you need to know about my attention span, commitment to the banal and my intolerance for stupid people. (more…)

The document mocked him from its honorary perch on the bookshelf. Alex swore he heard it laugh while telling him it was worth more as paper than his entire existence. Twenty-five thousand dollars to be paid to the beneficiary upon death.

“I’m worth more to them dead,” he whispered. He took a long pull from the cheap cigarette and extinguished it among a hundred others in the overflowing ashtray. Marijuana roaches, booze bottles, and a rejection letter from welfare, drowning in a puddle of alcohol, resided beside it — a microcosm of Alex’s life. (more…)