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Today Sick Of  ‘Em took the time to interview Trina Demattei independent filmmaker. Trina is the director of the upcoming feature length documentary film- Finding The Beat. A few of Sick Of ‘Em’s regular contributors happen to be subjects in this film or contributors to the films blog on their site. Including myself (Edaurdo Jones). I found it necessary to allow Ms. Demattei to answers some questions about her film, to explain the mission of her film. To learn more about the film, how to help with fundraising, or if you are interested in being a contributor to the films blog, or possibly becoming a subject in the film, check out their site here For more information on The Things we leave behind visit the film site here To learn morre about filmmaker Trina Demattei  visit her site here (more…)


If you know anything about real Hip-Hop you know the name, Copywrite, of the legendary Megahertz Crew. If you don’t. Well, either you’ve been living under a rock or you don’t know shit about Hip Hop.  Copywrite  took some time out of his busy schedule, to talk with Sick Of ‘Em’s own Edaurdo Jones, about his highly anticipated new album- The Life and Times of Peter Nelson, What got him started as an emcee? His reasons behind cremating Asher Roth.  As well as why he dropped out of The Weathermen. (more…)