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Owl eyes see much

so much that much of it isn’t there

except when it is- laughing;

wise isn’t always

Arms stretch tear snap

from sockets tired of working

bearing weight of heart

soul pumping reps of gray

A tug of gut-war

pits honest reflection

(read: catch-22 

paranoia its counterpoise

            (silicon its crime partner

All above a net of tangled web

of stagnant gray matter

as branch & vine hijack swamp

Twisted shadows bounce

off dancing shallows

never staying long enough

for even deft hands

to reach for a proper handshake

Instead they bound leap swirl

but don’t stop for long

protecting the secret that is mine

Even from me

one turbulent jetty

removed from myself

Like a load of laundry

hot out of the dryer

clean but for the

stains chaining

you to their


If only whites and colors

separated themselves to reveal

apparitions in clarity for their disposal

rather than linger like images seated in your lap

while departing the haunted house searching for levity

found amid a bunch of country bears playing banjos somewhere

never to be discovered as anvils of age forge ahead in bellows of smoke


I meet her on a Tuesday

we drive to the east side

it was my first time (more…)

Double yellow lines
the girls
in the Braille of their goosebumps
bear down upon us
like churches the body the urges the free market system (more…)


I witnessed ignorance

In all its ugliness

I was at court

Nothing major

Just some driving stuff (more…)

Chest Wound-R L Raymond

Posted: March 16, 2011 in Poetry

Chest wound





clutching lung froth

coughed over a gold tooth

along a toothpick

spit-slicked and splintered

Guess it’s true

that revenge don’t care

about no statute of limitations

R L Raymond

Elegy of the Lamented Testicle by Adam Crittenden

What was left

for me to do

on such an occasion? (more…)

i swear i’ll remember his license plate until the day i die

two tons of speeding steel

swerved across black asphalt

and white lines

and yellow

and I had words

so many words (more…)


These are some pieces of art I received today from good friend Verbs via the Ohio Corrections system. Many of you may know verbs from my stories. Drop him a line. Nothing like hearing from the outside world when you are locked up….Andrew Denicola 581745 po box 8000 501 tompson Rd. Conneaut, Ohio 44030


i sprung it out of the dung yesterday morning

The  heady’s were mourning, no hurting any more, just ketamine and open needle sores

Her  heart poured into my pimp chalice for hours until our mouths melted

into each other’s salvia incidents,

laced with way to much acid and amphetamines snorted over the tips of switch blade match sticks


Happy Birthday- Kasey Kline

Posted: January 29, 2011 in Poetry



Lie filled smiles

Birthday Cake

washing the cum from my mouth

Secrets Burned

Beneath green eyes

Heavenly pats

0n the head

for a good girl

Soul less giggles

to fill the silence



of speech



desert sand


on knees


thoughts of you.