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I like girls named after australia!

Im losing my mind,im sure of it.
simple as sunshine
I gone and falled in beautiful trouble with the other half of my head
I keep wanting to write her name on everything that I own
which I aint own much,but my trust is enough to claim as a dependent on my EZ form (more…)


i sprung it out of the dung yesterday morning

The  heady’s were mourning, no hurting any more, just ketamine and open needle sores

Her  heart poured into my pimp chalice for hours until our mouths melted

into each other’s salvia incidents,

laced with way to much acid and amphetamines snorted over the tips of switch blade match sticks



“How could it have been that obvious?”


Me and the Moon man were on a world tour down in Mississippi. We had plenty of drugs and gin to get us through the night; we had only come to see the jazz band. They were universally known as being cute and spunky, and we were already thrashed in that 1928 speeder, hugging the cliffs over the croc’s lair. Scared and drunk, we slowed down, and cussed at each other until we cried, but he was less scared then I, and coasted down that jagged edge. (more…)


Leaflet Shower
zombie nights incorporating coffee and righteous acclamations of process mostly
thoughtless, in a sense, it’s a long line of circumvented anger, danger
misplaced trust and wages..a strange way to ring in a new year,
decades later.
trains colliding on tracks,as their stranglehold on debt is essentially maxed out
Visa, American Express…foot in mouth. (more…)


Ar 13

I got all dressed up today to smoke a cigarette.

there’s no food in the cupboard.

I’m thinking about buying a goat, but according to fucking Mark, they’re more then 50 bones. (more…)





a swirling wind of catastrophe

bleeds clean, souls dry of good deeds

lover’s hands shackled to the seats of a sinking submarine (more…)

Plays blame on the train

We came in through the back whores

It felt like the eighties again…well I mean from what I’ve heard.

I scored a point for sanity,

I killed our “leaders” (more…)

I was born during a flash flood in the muggy Texas summer. Born to two Methodist ministers and torn through the machinery of salvation, I feel repulsed to know its just another business all about its weight in gold. I see time hasn’t changed in these edited history books. People remain the same; the hierarchy is a dark dynasty, then the sheep follow the Judas goat, while normal people know about the finales of television shows. I haven’t felt more on edge since I was (more…)