Edaurdo Jones

Edaurdo Jones has spent the majority of his adult life traveling this country’s gutters.  He’s a student of life. His pieces are filled with hard lessons learned. His work is not for the meek, the easily offended, or conformists. He  tends to be an asshole, who hates being labeled, and is proud of it. When he’s not busy disposing of body parts, he cares for his grandfather. His work has been featured in Beatdom Magazine, and Gloom cupboard,  he’s also a subject in the upcoming feature length documentary film “Finding The Beat.”  After reading his work you’ll understand why he is “The Voice of the Doomed.” For more Edaurdo Jones-check out his blog here—>http://thevoiceofthedoomed.wordpress.com/

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  2. Joan HUnter says:

    Hey, Jimmy. I’m liking your poems and LOVING Siberian Summer. When I get up my nerve I’ll try Blog Talk Radio. . . Thanks, Joan (S’s mom)

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