G.E. Fields

Born in Massachusetts in 1971, MR. Fields wandered the streets across the state escaping foster homes like jails. In his early twenties, a voice told him Go west, young man, but without a compass, he ended up in Maryland where he learned the business end of live theatre. After more than a decade, he tired of it and moved to Florida, the tenth level Dante missed.

MR. Fields now enjoys the arid expanses of New Mexico, working a menial job for nothing pay. Living with his beautiful and tolerant wife and his menagerie of pets, he lives by the words ‘People will never fail to disappoint’.  If he talks to you, he’s likely only doing so to pick your brain for his next piece of fiction.

MR. Fields writes from life experiences, his and possibly yours. He has read countless books in a number of genres. From Hawthorne to Kerouac; Lovecraft to King; Doyle to DeMille, he is influenced by all yet aspires to none.



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