Jack Varnell

Jack Varnell is a contemporary prose poet, and writer living in the suburbs of Atlanta, Ga. USA His work can be found littering many locales on the interweb, in most cases written under the pseudonym “the emotional orphan.” When asked why he chose this moniker, Jack usually responds with , “because, just because”. While this offers no true insight into his secondary persona, it does indicate that either the tenth drug rehab worked or the third series of shock therapy did. He doesn’t really know which, and neither do we, but hey, who cares? All should simply be glad he chooses a computer to write with and not some sharp object….
His blog is, you guessed it, http://www.emotionalorphan.net and you will find poetry, prose, and links to his art, photography, and other published works. Though he doesn’t always know where he is, being a media whore is in his blood.


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