Please read the about our mission section, before submitting.  Now that you’ve read the Mission statement, you know what we’re looking for. We don’t care whether you have a Masters degree or not. We don’t care if you’ve been published before or not. All we care about is, if you can write.  No fluff, no essays on other peoples work, No unsolicited reviews, no imitations, just the original voices. It can be journalism, fiction, creative non fiction, poetry, we don’t care, as long as it’s not fantasy or sapping love poetry. We’re realists around here, and we just aren’t  too big on Emo- wrist- cutting- love- poems. For the time being we’re only here on the web. We will be publishing a quarterly journal in 2011.  One piece per submission,  5,000 word count maximum. Simultaneous submissions are OK, just let us know if you get published else where.   No previously published pieces will be considered for the print publication. However on the site we’ll do reprints. Just be sure to tell us where and when it was published, please. Around here, we don’t consider something you have on your blog as a published piece.   Please submit a double spaced, word doc or rtf, to sickofem@gmail.com  DO NOT write us some long drawn out letter, about the piece, yourself, your best friend, why we should publish you etc. All that needs to be in the message is your name and contact info. Let your work speak for it self!  There will be no payments for pieces selected for the site. If you make the cut for the print edition- you will receive some ca$h. Although it won’t be anything to quit your day job over. We also accept photography and art.

  1. Does one piece per submission still apply to poetry?

    • We would rather take one, at a time. it makes it easier to make decisions. We’ve had a high volume of submissions at the moment. So send your best piece. If we don’t accept it, you can always submit again.

  2. John Bruce says:

    What about simultaneous submissions? The Duotrope entry says you don’t take them, but I think simultaneous is the only reasonable way to go — otherwise, you could take years waiting for The Kenyon Review to reject you, then waiting for Ninth Letter, etc etc. It’s also an incentive for the zine to fish or cut bait.

  3. […] our missionAbout/SubmissionsAlex HampshireChristian AlvarezEdaurdo JonesG.E. FieldsJames […]

  4. David Morris says:

    i can’y find where to submiit, or join anywhere on the home page or side bar

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