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Short excerpt from Gutterfish…


I feel each rap on the door booming through my splitting skull. Jack hammering my booze soaked brain. I already know who it is, and what they want. It’s 10:30 AM and check out time was a half hour ago. It’s the fat little hotel manager. He’s come to roust me from my roost.  No rest for the wicked (more…)

The rain had cleared up by the early evening. I was sitting in a hotel room I was renting for $150.00 a night. I had a house on North beach until a couple of weeks ago. But, I was run out by the neighbors. My lifestyle was definitely not one the State rep who lived next door to me approved of. So, he’d made it his mission to convince my landlord to evict me. It didn’t take him long to get his wish. One too many wild parties had been all it took. (more…)

I remember it was raining; it was one of those days you dreaded during a New England summer in a tourist trap. Cold, wet, and raw, not a fun- filled day by any means. I wouldn’t have even ventured out into it, if I wasn’t such a creature of habit.


My mind likes to wander far away from what is my reality. I live in a dream, where nothing is wrong. I write stories and I’m happy, that’s about it, not a care in the world. But my reality is a nightmare.


There are certain things that were just meant to go together, peanut butter & jelly, cigarettes & coffee, bacon & eggs, cocaine & strippers, just to name a few.  They say a picture paints a thousand words, and words can paint a brilliant picture. So what happens when you combine a very visual style of writing, with an extremely thought provoking style of art?  You’re all about to find out! Nicolas Rocco and I share a mutual friend by the name of Matthew Werdink Sykes. Mr.Sykes decided to link the two of us up. He felt two deranged- anti- social- deviants of our caliber, surely should be working together.  So he introduced us to one another’s work.  The result of this introduction will be a collection of short stories entitled Gutter Fish, with words by Edaurdo Jones and Illustrations by Nicolas Rocco.  The book will be available in 2011 exclusively at the Werdink shop in Williamsburg- Brooklyn, New York. Most of you are already familiar with my work. So I’ll shut the fuck up now, and just let Rocco’s pictures do the talking..  Here are some examples of Rocco’s work enjoy…


In The Abscess of a Dentist- Edaurdo Jones

My teeth have been the true bane of my existence for as long as I can remember. I’m cursed with horribly soft teeth. My first ever trip to the dentist resulted in having 18 cavities filled at 4 years old. So needless to say; ever since that little trip to the dentist, I’ve been petrified of these sadists. The combination of serious drug abuse and teeth like mine are anything but a match made in heaven.