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Gold, Silver and Bronze

Growing up being exposed to as much Hollywood propaganda as I have, it comes as little surprise that when it comes to women, I am pretty superficial.  If all the years I spent watching Beverly Hills 90210 has taught me anything, it’s that good looking people have all the fun, interesting stories.  Though I was never really part of the “in” crowd when in High School or College, I have found myself somewhat fortunate to have dated some of the most beautiful women I have ever seen.

Bronze (more…)


The Pitfalls of Dating In Your Thirties


Oh cruel fate, thy name is the Devil and thy soul be black.


Or to put it another way, being single in your thirties kind of sucks.  From whatever destination you have travelled to arrive at this point, be it divorce, failed relationships, not meeting the right person of just plain wanting to be single, certain factors come into play regarding dating once you leave your twenties behind. (more…)