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I like girls named after australia!

Im losing my mind,im sure of it.
simple as sunshine
I gone and falled in beautiful trouble with the other half of my head
I keep wanting to write her name on everything that I own
which I aint own much,but my trust is enough to claim as a dependent on my EZ form (more…)





In honor of Veteran’s day today, Sick Of ‘Em brings you the poetry of WWII Veteran Hal O’Leary


Hal O’Leary is an 85 year old veteran of WWII. He has concludes that all wars since then have been fought expressly for the military industrial complex that Ike warned us about. He was recently inducted into the Wheeling Hall of Fame for his contribution to the arts and is the recipient of an Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters Degree from West Liberty University. (more…)

Vampires, Big Foots, and Werewolves

Who cares about a vampire,

A werewolf,

or a big foot? (more…)