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Bite, chew, spit, how hard could it be? I mean really, what the fuck are your options right now? The bone is already broken. That would’ve been the hardest part. Just open your mouth sink your teeth in and tear the meat away.

It’s definitely easy to tell yourself this. But Jesus fucking Christ actually manning up and doing it is another story. (more…)





I walked alone until I had eaten all of the bio-luminescent thoughts I could find. At the end of it there was a wall with graffiti in a dead language and marginally living translator clutching a rat in his one good hand. My heart stopped beating for two bars during the crescendo and I caught a cab deep into the Alphabet, so deep even the  cops wouldn’t follow without self contained breathing apparatus and pressure suits. No room for pastry means cranky partisans clamoring for the good old days when men were men and sometimes women like the aged Mr Fitzgerald in his off the shoulder and a dashing pair of red pumps. (more…)

The internet and social networking sites have given rise to a new, dangerous and worrying trend. I am of course talking about the armature poet. Not content with littering their own “Dear Diaries” with their personal feelings and dreamscapes, they now feel the need… No, the desire to share with the world the amazing poetic labyrinth of free form ideas and constructs they have compiled. (more…)


“How could it have been that obvious?”


Me and the Moon man were on a world tour down in Mississippi. We had plenty of drugs and gin to get us through the night; we had only come to see the jazz band. They were universally known as being cute and spunky, and we were already thrashed in that 1928 speeder, hugging the cliffs over the croc’s lair. Scared and drunk, we slowed down, and cussed at each other until we cried, but he was less scared then I, and coasted down that jagged edge. (more…)