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Double yellow lines
the girls
in the Braille of their goosebumps
bear down upon us
like churches the body the urges the free market system (more…)



It’s been a while since we brought you any art here on Sick Of ‘Em. So today we are proud to bring you the art of Chris Center. Mad man – B-Boy- 3 dimensional guru- and Alien aficionado.

Chris Center has been painting since 1993. He first caught the bug when fellow artists Thic from Detroit Michigan and Ernesto Gauvera turned him on to Graffiti. Over the years he’s found mentors in such artists as Asend, Thic, Steve Keck, Howse, JT, Kevin Guyer, Mellissa Roberts, Wands, Lon, Eon 75, Resm, and Core Rock.

Center also finds influences in his art from everything in his life from the streets to outer space. Basically anything his senses can absorb drives him to create.  When asked about his goals his answer is a simple one. “Rocket till the wings fall off!”   To learn more about Chris Center and his art visit his site here CENTERHBT.COM (more…)