William Seward Bonnie


William Seward Bonnie lives on a couch off of west Colfax in Denver, Colorado. He will often times imitate a licensed medical professional, simply to have conversations with the upper echelon of his city. Before being discovered by “Finding the Beat…” through a craigslist advertisement, William passed his time by downing malt liquor and prescription drugs, while thrashing out his downtown dorm (hotel) room. His tales of STD’s, and discovering his own personal Jesus, as Dépêche Mode had directed him to seek, strike to the hearts of street kids, and ruptured middle class trekies alike. Though both his parents are ordained ministers, William claims he attends the church of “Kick Ass” (which in reality is him making quesadillas and jamming out to Pantera, with little to no clothing on) and claims to know several secrets of the universe. All in All, If you find your self becoming a fan of Mr.Bonnies work, please seek REAL medical attention quickly, or you might find yourself saying “fuck the mainstream” For more William Seward Bonnie, visit his blog here ——-> http://cheeseburgernebula.blogspot.com/


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