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How to Stand Proud in Florida

At some point in recent history, the sculpture of fountains in the shape of urinating children, and the acquisition of said fountains, must have been declared unfashionable.  Before that point—or more likely a considerable time after—a dozen or so of these hideous constructs found their way on the front lawn of the only house in the continental United States where they could be overshadowed by even tackier fare. (more…)


Night at the Fresh Factor

Thursday night, 4:37 pm, in the dairy freezer of the Fresh Factor supermarket in College Point, Queens.  Joey DiSpirito is seated on a crate of Edy’s Slow-Churned French Vanilla and takes the joint that is passed to him by Gavin O’Flaherty.  Gavin is only a few years older than Joey, but he’s worked here forever, is a burn-out and doesn’t give a damn about anything.  Joey doesn’t want to idolize Gavin, because the guy has no ideas and has nothing going for him, but right now the way Gavin is casually dealing with the joint as if this frigid icebox with its crates of dairy products stacked everywhere was his own backyard is deserving of praise. (more…)