W.G. Mullins

W.G. Mullins

Hailing from the deepest, darkest valleys of South Wales, Great Britain, Wayne generally likes to spend the majority of his time doing as little as humanely possible.  In between his bouts of stillness and procrastination he is known to have tremendous bursts of creative energy that result in the tangled mess of prose, opinion and humour that is allowed to populate the internet and various publications.
Having quit his 9-5 job after 8 years in what he described as the “Oh shit, I’m 30 panic of 2008”, he now runs his own printing company and describes himself as “A distinguished gentlemen of business and leisure.”

Wayne has flittered through various literary influences down the years, but has found a kindred voice in the Beat generation and is currently the co-editor of Beatdom magazine.

For more W.G. Mullins check out his blog here——->http://welshguy78.blogspot.com/


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