Cynthia Jenasay.

Passion. Honesty. Depth. Humbleness. Sincerity.

These are words that come to mind when describing the poetic stylings of Cynthia Jenasay.

Jenasay simply speaks from the heart. Because of this, you will receive the pure experience. No sugar coating, no strings attached… she brings you her raw, unedited emotions, hand-crafted carefully with a pen. After reading some of her pieces, which have mysteriously floated under the radar, you’ll instantly notice that these literary works of art are far beyond fiction. She gives you the facts, personified by the soul.

Jenasay begin writing poetry as a sophomore in high school, attending the prestigious Detroit Cass Technical High School. It was during that time where she begin to feel her mind and body morph through different stages and eventually a reach spirtual rebirth. In addition to the everyday struggles of a youth in the inner city, Jenasay fought off peer pressure, difficulties at home, various self-esteem issues and the moment that changed her life… when she was sexually assaulted.

Instead of running from the issue, she confronted it the best way she knew how… with a pen and pad. Though she faced many sleepless nights, she used her writing as individual therapy sessions. These sessions helped her gain new found confidence, although she only shared her work with a few close people, due to being shy and afraid of potential rejection.

After completing high school and eventually college, she strayed away from her writing for reasons unknown. However, some of those demons begin to resurface, as recently as 2007. In addition to that, the relationship she developed with the man she thought would be her soulmate begin to ]slowly vanish. This left her no choice but to return to the pen and pad again. A close bond with God gave her the much needed boost to get back to writing and face her fears.

In 2010, Jenasay decided to take it a step further. She felt the only way she would totally be able to move ahead would be to step on stage and deliver her work to an audience. She became a regular at a burgeoning poetry spot on Detroit’s West side called, Sweet Epiphany. She’s was immediately welcome with open arms and many Saturday nights, you can find her there reading along with some of the most talented poets the city has to offer.

This is only the beginning for Cynthia Jenasay, as the metamorphosis is now complete. Her reflections on life will touch your heart, her words will touch your mind and her spirit will touch your soul. Tune in….


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