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to those who ascertain that they could still be animals if given half a chance…

by: Frankie Metro


those of you


who would crowd the banks


of supreme silence


& contemplation


like filthy gulls (more…)


“Total dedication,”

The synthetic voice stretched over the airwaves. Each radio would then allow it’s listener the pleasure of being christened by Rick Robertson, who slouched in his ragged swivel chair for the twelfth year in a row. Rick would then say “total devotion,” in his raspy signature voice which would then be followed by a series of drum machines and guitar bends. Then one brief ad by a local sponsor. Charles New, The Accident Lawyer. His voice was much smoother. More delicate. (more…)

Ear Drums

By Ben Nardolilli

My mother was the first one to remark on my coughing. I guess over the phone it sounded worse. Through wires it was compressed and released with such ferocity it must have sounded like I was a machine slowly coming apart at its innermost gears. I had noticed my coughing before she said anything, but my mother was the first to think it was serious. She asked me if I was all right and if my room was clean. I told her that I felt fine enough and that the parts of the room I was responsible for were clean. The dorm room was only mine for the summer, as long as the enrichment camp was in session. People who used it before me and the cleaning staff may have left stains and molds that I had yet to find. (more…)

The document mocked him from its honorary perch on the bookshelf. Alex swore he heard it laugh while telling him it was worth more as paper than his entire existence. Twenty-five thousand dollars to be paid to the beneficiary upon death.

“I’m worth more to them dead,” he whispered. He took a long pull from the cheap cigarette and extinguished it among a hundred others in the overflowing ashtray. Marijuana roaches, booze bottles, and a rejection letter from welfare, drowning in a puddle of alcohol, resided beside it — a microcosm of Alex’s life. (more…)



I am exploding like the dark night,
The dark-Extinguishing-the- light
Only them and us starry night
The covered up dark lonely night spread out like a blanket
Spread out
Across the sky. (more…)

I remember it was raining; it was one of those days you dreaded during a New England summer in a tourist trap. Cold, wet, and raw, not a fun- filled day by any means. I wouldn’t have even ventured out into it, if I wasn’t such a creature of habit.


Literati: Not So Much



In 1991 I read a poem to a group of a liberal arts college’s intelligentsia. The poem was shit and they hated it. Let me rephrase: the poem was about shit and they really hated it. (more…)


Ar 13

I got all dressed up today to smoke a cigarette.

there’s no food in the cupboard.

I’m thinking about buying a goat, but according to fucking Mark, they’re more then 50 bones. (more…)




“Don’t use the blow dryer, it makes my scalp hurt.”

“Sure,” I responded, yanking the extension cord out of the wall and pulling it away from the little pools of dripped water that the comb left. There were scars very close to his hairline. It was hard to be sure what they were from. They reminded me of the world atlas my mother kept taped up in our kitchen when I was a kid; zig-zagging in all directions, occasionally intersecting. An easy sight to get lost in. (more…)

Today Sick Of  ‘Em took the time to interview Trina Demattei independent filmmaker. Trina is the director of the upcoming feature length documentary film- Finding The Beat. A few of Sick Of ‘Em’s regular contributors happen to be subjects in this film or contributors to the films blog on their site. Including myself (Edaurdo Jones). I found it necessary to allow Ms. Demattei to answers some questions about her film, to explain the mission of her film. To learn more about the film, how to help with fundraising, or if you are interested in being a contributor to the films blog, or possibly becoming a subject in the film, check out their site here For more information on The Things we leave behind visit the film site here To learn morre about filmmaker Trina Demattei  visit her site here (more…)