Keeping the thought in mind that not everybody likes to read, some of you just like to look at stuff. I figure it’s a good idea to bring you guys the work of some pretty amazing artists, who I feel deserve recognition. Plus it brightens the site up and it isn’t just a bunch of snobs smelling their brain farts. Ah, yes my words are an epic cornucopia of literary genius, and I feel they should be enough to entertain the masses. Sorry, I live in the real world, and I understand we live in a multimedia age. I also happen to love art as much as I love writing. I’m just not very good at it.

Today Sick of ‘em features some work by Stammy Asend, of  Los Angeles, California’s infamous The $tatus Faction. You can find his, and the rest of T$F’s work plastered all over the city of Angels. They also have a very entertaining blog I highly recommend to get your art, humor, or socio political commentary fix on at. Check it out here

^Handmade Stickers^



  1. darius hammond says:

    sweet like street meat

  2. Nice post! A$END•T$F does stickers like none other.

    peep this billboard by Asend:

    • Yes, good old Asend has been killing the sticker game for as long I’ve known him, and Jesus, most of the people who are reading this didn’t even have hair on or nuts or their first training bar yet, when we first linked up. Damn now I feel old…. Asends always been a few too many years ahead of the game…

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