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Owl eyes see much

so much that much of it isn’t there

except when it is- laughing;

wise isn’t always

Arms stretch tear snap

from sockets tired of working

bearing weight of heart

soul pumping reps of gray

A tug of gut-war

pits honest reflection

(read: catch-22 

paranoia its counterpoise

            (silicon its crime partner

All above a net of tangled web

of stagnant gray matter

as branch & vine hijack swamp

Twisted shadows bounce

off dancing shallows

never staying long enough

for even deft hands

to reach for a proper handshake

Instead they bound leap swirl

but don’t stop for long

protecting the secret that is mine

Even from me

one turbulent jetty

removed from myself

Like a load of laundry

hot out of the dryer

clean but for the

stains chaining

you to their


If only whites and colors

separated themselves to reveal

apparitions in clarity for their disposal

rather than linger like images seated in your lap

while departing the haunted house searching for levity

found amid a bunch of country bears playing banjos somewhere

never to be discovered as anvils of age forge ahead in bellows of smoke


I like girls named after australia!

Im losing my mind,im sure of it.
simple as sunshine
I gone and falled in beautiful trouble with the other half of my head
I keep wanting to write her name on everything that I own
which I aint own much,but my trust is enough to claim as a dependent on my EZ form (more…)


I sat sleepy eyed one morning enduring yet another cardboard and treebark
bran flavored bowl of breakfast with milk, 2 percent of course, and I stared at the carton.

First I reviewed the measures of various fat content, and nutritional values listed as a matter of law.  (more…)

Elegy of the Lamented Testicle by Adam Crittenden

What was left

for me to do

on such an occasion? (more…)


The Greatest Goal Ever Scored
I’m not really one for sports. That is to say I love watching them and I count football (or soccer for you Yanks) and Formula One as my main hobbies. However since I’ve never really had the opportunity to drive an F1 car, the only real sporting activities I’ve ever taken part in have been football related.
In the summer of 1998 I was working in a Jewish summer camp for kids with attention deficit disorder in Pennsylvania. I was a mere 20 years old and this was the first time I had really travelled anywhere by myself. As far as first steps go it was quite a biggy, and one that I haven’t really been able to live up to in the years since.
At this summer camp there were around 40 counsellors from all corners of the Earth. Most of them were Brits like myself, but there were also South Africans, Canadians, Australians, Irish, Germans and a small smattering of Israelis. Though we were separated by borders, languages and religion, we all had one thing in common: A love of the beautiful game. (more…)




I walked alone until I had eaten all of the bio-luminescent thoughts I could find. At the end of it there was a wall with graffiti in a dead language and marginally living translator clutching a rat in his one good hand. My heart stopped beating for two bars during the crescendo and I caught a cab deep into the Alphabet, so deep even the  cops wouldn’t follow without self contained breathing apparatus and pressure suits. No room for pastry means cranky partisans clamoring for the good old days when men were men and sometimes women like the aged Mr Fitzgerald in his off the shoulder and a dashing pair of red pumps. (more…)



I never thought that years later, I would find myself battling the storm of my past
It had never stopped raining, but the storm settled down to a controllable capacity
But now one of my addiction are growing and multiplying and carrying snake-like demons to come wreak havoc on my life
These demons have become fixtures in my life, passing out bad habits and befriending everyone I know
They have planted themselves in every positive thought I have
Trying to take away my sanity (more…)


It’s been a while since we brought you any art here on Sick Of ‘Em. So today we are proud to bring you the art of Chris Center. Mad man – B-Boy- 3 dimensional guru- and Alien aficionado.

Chris Center has been painting since 1993. He first caught the bug when fellow artists Thic from Detroit Michigan and Ernesto Gauvera turned him on to Graffiti. Over the years he’s found mentors in such artists as Asend, Thic, Steve Keck, Howse, JT, Kevin Guyer, Mellissa Roberts, Wands, Lon, Eon 75, Resm, and Core Rock.

Center also finds influences in his art from everything in his life from the streets to outer space. Basically anything his senses can absorb drives him to create.  When asked about his goals his answer is a simple one. “Rocket till the wings fall off!”   To learn more about Chris Center and his art visit his site here CENTERHBT.COM (more…)


Leaflet Shower
zombie nights incorporating coffee and righteous acclamations of process mostly
thoughtless, in a sense, it’s a long line of circumvented anger, danger
misplaced trust and wages..a strange way to ring in a new year,
decades later.
trains colliding on tracks,as their stranglehold on debt is essentially maxed out
Visa, American Express…foot in mouth. (more…)

Ear Drums

By Ben Nardolilli

My mother was the first one to remark on my coughing. I guess over the phone it sounded worse. Through wires it was compressed and released with such ferocity it must have sounded like I was a machine slowly coming apart at its innermost gears. I had noticed my coughing before she said anything, but my mother was the first to think it was serious. She asked me if I was all right and if my room was clean. I told her that I felt fine enough and that the parts of the room I was responsible for were clean. The dorm room was only mine for the summer, as long as the enrichment camp was in session. People who used it before me and the cleaning staff may have left stains and molds that I had yet to find. (more…)